Black Panther

As non-spoilery as I can here - spoilers welcome in the comments because I have MANY FEELINGS about this film:

It was delightful and gorgeous and exciting. It has all the standard superhero movie elements: high-stakes plot, amazing action sequences, fast car chase, cool gadgets, surprising reveals, a lot of humour, a hero with daddy issues, a bit of romance.

And - my preference in superhero movies - not about a Lone Hero, but about people working together, and the importance of caring for each other and supporting each other to get things done. A couple of easter eggs and references to the rest of the MCU if you are nerdy enough to look out for them.

... and it's also completely engaging with the systemic inequality imposed on black people around the world, and there are multiple women in a range of roles, and the only two white characters of importance are Frodo Bilbo playing a USian and Gollum playing a South African.

I liked T'Challa well enough - more than I did in Civil War - but I adored Okoye: hypercompetent, loyal, honourable, beautiful. And that scene between her and Nakia! ("the one about duty", "they're all about duty").

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I promise I was wide awake throughout

I will never stop finding it amusing that fitbit consistently "detects" me sleeping when I go see a film in the cinema.

In other news, Black Panther was amazing[1], the IMAX screen at our local cinema is very very blue lighting in a "futuristic vision from the 1990s" kind of way, and I have spent most of the day / week / year feeling exhausted so I'm off to sleep for real now.

[1] Yes there are two post-credits scenes and I may have squeaked aloud at the second one

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Culture vulture

Tomorrow evening: Black Panther (in IMAX!)
Saturday evening: Hayseed Dixie at the Junction
Sunday afternoon: Mirror Mirror (play for children based on Snow White) also at the Junction (*)

2 weeks' time: Hamilton in London
7 weeks' time: My First Ballet: Swan Lake with N in London
9 weeks' time: Dessa in London

3 months' time: probably my first public morris dancing ....

Thanks, past-Rachel for organising all this.

(*) not the first time at this venue I have gone twice in 24 hours to very different shows aimed at very different audiences

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